New opportunities in an ever changing industry landscape


The world we live in seems to be engulfed more & more into technology. Old business models are constantly being tweeted to keep up with ever evolving creative space that we call the internet!

There once was a time when the corporate board members vowed to crush any attempts of breaking their chokehold on the music industry, buying their moments of greed while trying to bring down the hammer on companies like Napster and its peer to peer users, they didn't take the two to three steps of looking forwRd and analyzing its benefits. They didn't take advantage of the window of opportunity. They closed the window and essentially sealed the fate of their future! 

Dont get me wrong corporate record companies will always exist but not in the business models of the past! You will always have those artist that will be "happy" to say they got a deal. They will sell their soul to the devil for any price, but that's in any line of business. The educated artist however will understand that with work and patience it is much smarter to get 90% of ur money instead of 10% (and ten is generous) 

Understand the record companies are only banks looking to invest for exponential returns while only paying the artist scraps from the table. Sure artist are getting better deals but it is out of neccsessity to breath life into a dying business model to stay afloat!

There is an ocean of opportunities for music artist now. The choice is yours: stay afloat on a sinking ship that steers In only one direction or build your own vessel to discover and navigate your own opportunities?